Journey of an Entrepreneur


In this blog I will be sharing my experiences, understanding about Human Resources industry and trip from an employee to an employer.

Myself Ritesh Goel, Founder of HR Reflections, an executive search firm in Mumbai, India. An MBA- Finance & Human Resources and was assisting an MNC with a great in hand salary. I have actually been seeking a substantial change and a meaningful mission. Or put simply, an endeavor that would certainly be fulfilling, and add to my happiness.

Exactly what could be a lot more satisfying than raising my expertise and experience and moving it to a completely different domain that I discover exciting, filled with colour with enthusiastic delightful individuals, and extremely vital to the method we live our lives?

It was my goal to establish a name for myself and I understood that unless I give up my job, I cannot realize my dreams. Finally, I figured out to quit my job and began my Human Resource Business. Life was not really simple after giving up the job and occasionally I felt broken and unfortunate but, stood up to and continued. Having the capability to help a person to set a program for their careers by helping them to get favored tasks supplied a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling supplied me the inspiration and power that I should keep me going.

Even though I have actually been on an entrepreneurship journey for more than 4 years, I still consider myself an “business owner aspirant,” since I haven’t yet accomplished what I take the sort of success a real entrepreneur has actually obtained. Nevertheless, most people I know in the entrepreneurship environment state “failing is a true blessing,” which holds true. I have actually failed many times and discovered a great deal of lessons the hard way.

Getting quality clients was very difficult in the competitive market given the fact that we had just started. Initially we began the business from home and then within a year we moved to a commercial premise. Each day was a new learning and lot of challenges in our journey made us strong. Though we have still not achieved our goal however with the help of technology, social media and smart work we managed to grow and have a team of more than 10 employees with us now.

This blog is just a system to discuss all my encounters with my site visitors, clients, job seekers and other stakeholders.

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